Aug 17

10 Essential Clothes to Bring When in Iceland

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Because of Iceland’s location(it lies in the path of the North Atlantic Current), it is expected for locals and tourists alike to prepare themselves for cold and chilly days. In winter, Iceland’s temperature could go as low as -39.7 degrees C. Summer in Iceland is still considered a bit cold, with a temperature between 10-13 degrees C (it could go higher though at 25 degrees C).


Don’t forget the clothing essentials. Iceland’s weather can be unpredictable.

Whether you’re staying in Iceland for good or just here for a couple of days, you should take note of the climate and these 10 protective clothing items to bring when you’re out and about in Iceland. These are the essential clothes that you shouldn’t forget once you leave your home, hotel or hostel:

1. Basic Tops

The weather in Iceland can be quite unpredictable. This is why you have to bring with you some basic tops to survive on those warmer seasons. Make sure to bring tops that could also protect you from the harsh cold wind.

2. Sweater

A huge and thick fleece sweater could keep you warm on colder days. Bringing along this clothing piece is a good decision as it becomes handy on days when additional warmth is needed (Iceland can be really cold especially those who are not used to cold climate).

3. Wool Underwear

When in Iceland, it’s pretty helpful to have wool underwear. Contrary to what most people believe, wool underwear can be worn regardless of the season. It can be worn on winter and on summer.

When choosing wool underwear, make sure that you opt for one that is thin enough to be worn underneath but still provides the needed warmth without causing you feeling constricted or hot.

4. Woolen Socks

These woolen socks are generally called ullarsokkar in Iceland. Because it can get cold even during summer, wearing or bringing along woolen socks is a smart move. These are among of the essential clothing pieces during winter as they provide both comfort and warmth.

5. Lopapeysur

Lopapeysur or Icelandic wool sweaters are common clothing pieces in the country. In fact, people wear them in almost every occasion regardless of the climate. Because wool is among its basic products, it’s easy to find these wool sweaters. They’re great for keeping you warm during cold season but not thick enough to make you feel hot on warmer days.

6. Gloves

Protect your hands from extreme temperature by bringing a pair with you. Gloves could vary in thickness and material. Make sure to choose a pair that has the right thickness for both Iceland’s cold and warm climates.

7. Scarf

Scarves in Iceland are worn more as a protection against the harsh weather rather than as a fashion statement. Just like gloves, you could easily find and spot woolen scarves in Iceland.

8. Hat

Preparation is always the key. One way to protect your head from the unpredictable weather in Iceland is to bring along a hat with you.

9. Parka

A high-quality parka will be your best buddy when heading out in Iceland. It keeps you warm and at the same time, protects you from the rain. When choosing a parka, make sure that you opt for one that holds rain water well.

10. Woolen trench/overcoat

It really can get cold in Iceland so make sure to bring along with you your woolen trench/overcoat. If you have a nice woolen trench or overcoat, you can have this as an alternative to your bulky jacket as it serves the same purpose (not to mention it’s more fashionable). Bring this along with your waterproof boots and you’re all set for an Iceland exploration.

Aug 17

Get to Know Dorrit Moussaieff: Iceland’s First Lady

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“Behind every man’s success is a woman.”

This quote seems to be true to almost every successful man in the world including Iceland’s president Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. Oftentimes, the first lady (wife of the president) share the same limelight as their spouses but only a few people know who really these women are other than being the wife of their country’s leader. Continue reading

Aug 14

Verslunarmannahelgi: Must-Attend Festival

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Years of isolation doesn’t make Iceland a boring country after all. If you think that the country is just all about geysirs, mountains, and volcanoes, then you probably haven’t seen all yet. Iceland boasts of its festivals on which boredom is almost non-existent. One of the festivals that both locals and foreign tourists look forward to is the Verslunarmannahelgi, an annual festival in Westman Island celebrated in the first weekend of August.

What’s Verslunarmannahelgi?

Verslunarmannahelgi is a festival well-known in Westman Island. People all over Iceland and locals of the island itself are looking forward in the celebration. Celebrated in Þjóðhátíð, the Verslunarmannahelgi has been celebrated since 1874. Back then, it was celebrated the same time as with the 1,000 year anniversary celebration of the settlement. Because the people of the island find it hard to celebrate with the nation, they decided to come up with their own festival to get into the festivity mood. Since then, it has become an annual event celebrated by 10,000 people. And ironically, more and more people from the mainland are coming to the island to join in the celebration.

 Verslunarmannahelgi: More than Just a Music Festival

The festival starts on Friday night with an atypical bonfire. It is then followed by an activity-filled weekend. There’s usually a firework exhibition on a Saturday night and a sing-along event on Sunday. This sing-along event is usually with Westman Island’s Árni Johnsen. He is a well-known man in the island who would often gather visitors in the hillside and sing along with them the Iceland folk songs. The rest of the weekend is filled with fun-packed activities and parties. Those who have gone into the festival could attest that the atmosphere in the island during the festival is more than just having a music fest. In fact, they describe the vibe as ‘different’ in a positive way. It seems that everyone in the island are gathered in unison.

What to Do During Verslunarmannahelgi

While majority of those who have already attended the festival pretty know what to do before and during the festival, first timers don’t have to fret as the people of the island are well known for their one-of-a-kind hospitality. You can simply find a nice place to stay and the rest of the weekend – the partying and the fun-filled activities, are being taken care of the people. You can easily determine the local’s ‘house tents’ as they are all in white, located in the heart of the event. Don’t be surprised if you will be invited into one of their private parties because it’s normal for the people of the Westman Island to invite visitors over. If you lost your way back to the party arena, then don’t worry as the people will be more than willing to lead you back. They may even let you ride on their lorries which are specially decorated for the event. Verslunarmannahelgi is an annual event that you shouldn’t miss in Iceland. So, let go of your worries, celebrate with the Westman Island people, and have the party of your life there. Your view of weekend will never be the same once you attend this festival.

Aug 09

Grillmarkaðurinn: A Must-Try in Iceland

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Grillmarkaðurinn is born out  of brainstorming from friends  and co-workers. Hrefna and  long-time co-  workers Fiskmarkaðurinn,  Gulli and ÁgústFiskmarkaðurinn, Gulli and Ágúst conceived the idea. All of them stand as co-workers of the place.

The purpose of putting up Grillmarkaðurinn is to provide Icelanders and foreign tourists alike with a place of tasting authentic and traditional Icelandic food given with a twist. One of the best things in this restaurant is their partnership with local farmers and suppliers (this is what you call a win-win situation).

According to Hrefna, she would often drive around Iceland and look for high quality farm products and supplies. At the end, she would come up with a long list of quality farmers and suppliers. Their current local suppliers would inform them if something came up so the restaurant could offer something new to the people for just a limited period of time.

What Makes It Different

The team behind this Icelandic restaurant believes that if you have good food, people will come back and these customers themselves will serve as their marketing medium. Thus, they have this ‘no advertising’ policy. So if you have heard of Grillmarkaðurinn, then it’s most likely from people who have attested of the great food and service this restaurant has.

Other than their unique ‘no advertising’ policy, what sets Grillmarkaðurinn  different from other restaurants in Iceland (and probably in other parts of Europe) is its unplanned interiors. If you look at the interiors of the restaurant, it seems like a high-profile designer step up to come up with such complex design. But the truth is, the interiors was unplanned. In fact, nobody planned for it.

The concept of this restaurant came about even before they found the perfect location for it. It just so happened that opportunities for a wonderful location and place came about so they grabbed it. The team make use of typical Icelandic elements – running water, rocks, dried fish skin to give you an authentic Icelandic feel.

Why You Should Try It

Grillmarkaðurinn is one of the best places in Iceland if you want to taste the local food with a twist. What’s more, it’s a great place to hang out with friends after work or during the weekend especially with its relaxing ambiance that could hold up to 200 people.

Although located in Reykjavik, being in this restaurant will make you feel that you’ve been all over Iceland with their menu and supplies sourced from various farmers and suppliers all over the country.

Jul 25

The Peerless Skyr and its History

By Editor | Food

When you’re in Iceland, you always take home TWO most unforgettable memories when you get home: the picture-perfect natural beauty and the pleasant taste of the famous Skyr. This tempting milky yogurt is so addictive that even Hollywood stars can’t get their mind off it. But what EXACTLY is a skyr?Continue reading

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