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Sep 17

Why Iceland is Perfect for Solo Travelers

By Editor | Food , Relax and Unwind , Travel Guide

Just like anything else in life, you wouldn’t know if solo travel is for you unless you give it a try. If your thinking of heading to Europe for your first solo trip, then you won’t go wrong with Iceland. Here are the top reasons why this country deserves a spot on a solo traveler’s list:

It’s generally safe and easy to travel.

 Safety is one of the prime considerations of people especially those who are on their first solo trip. Iceland fits the bill when it comes to safety. It has very low crime rate and it’s easy to ask for directions as people are proficient in English. You can also see English signs almost everywhere so it’s less likely that you’ll end up feeling lost and confused.

There are several day tours to choose from.


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Iceland is famous for its breath-taking natural wonders. You won’t run of activities and sites to see in this country as there are several day tours to choose from. You can go river rafting, visit popular destinations such as the Golden Circle, go hiking, or enjoy a dip in Iceland’s geothermal pools.

 Food is great.

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From local to international cuisines, your taste buds will definitely enjoy the flavors of Icelandic cooking. You would feel less lonely dining out as impressive food presentation and restaurant’s ambiance will catch your attention.

Iceland may be considered as an expensive country but those who have been here can attest that the money spent on Iceland vacation is worth it.

Tapas Bar
Apr 29

Gourmet Restaurants in Iceland

By Editor | Food

In order to fully experience the place, one must not just use one’s eyes but as well all other senses including the sense of taste. Traveling in Europe may be expensive but there are some things worth splurging on at least once in a while. Here’s a list of some of the best gourmet restaurants in Iceland that are worth checking out:


Dill Restaurant

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Opened in 2009, Dill has been one of the gourmet restaurants in the country. It only allows 30 people to dine at a time so make sure to reserve a table before you visit this cozy place. One of the owners is a member of the national chefs and is constantly changing the menu depending on the availability of the ingredients. Some of the must-try dishes in the restaurant include the reindeer with blueberry sauce and their haddock with blue mussels.

Cafe Maria

Cafe Maria

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Looking for a place to dine with the family? Cafe Maria is a great place to dine with your loved ones. Its menu consists of a variety of lamb, fish, pizza, and even crepes (those with sweet tooth will definitely love it!).



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Just a 40-minute drive from Reykjavik, Fjöruborðið​ os the place to be if you’re craving for lobsters. Do not judge the restaurant from its exterior as what’s inside (and their menu) will take you by surprise. Its romantic vibe plus its fresh lobster dishes will definitely win your heart!

Fish Market

Fish Market

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Another notable restaurant in Iceland that you shouldn’t miss is the Fish Market. To say that their dishes are palatable is an understatement. Using only Iceland’s fresh and finest ingredients, dining here will definitely be a treat.

Tapas Bar

Tapas Bar

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For chilling out with friends, go and check out the Tapas Bar. Its combination of festive vibe, Latin music on the background, and mouthwatering dishes, eating in this bar-restaurant will never be counted as your typical night out.

The increasing number of world-class Icelandic chefs has paved way for more exciting dishes to try in Iceland. The best thing about dining in these restaurants is that there’s still the taste of authentic Icelandic food yet they never fail to surprise you with something new in their menu.

Mar 14

Celebrating Food and Fun in Iceland

By Editor | Food

Iceland is a beautiful country with scenic landscapes, marvelous natural gifts such as glaciers, waterfalls, Geysers, and so and so fort, the list is unending. Another popular tourist and local must-experience is the Food and Fun Festival. It is a unique Icelandic festival of food, set in the popular and beautiful Reykjavik. In this food fest, anyone can experience Iceland’s distinctive taste and food customs.

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 This year, the 13th Food & Fun Festival will be celebrated not only by world famous chefs but also food lovers from around the globe. The festival begins on the 26th of February and will last on 2nd of March 2014.

 In this week-long festival of food, everyone is welcome to observe and taste the food prepared by renowned chefs who team up with different Reykjavik’s best restaurants. Each of the entrant chef is assigned to a participating restaurant. They will cook their unique carte du jour or menu using the available Icelandic ingredients. The chef shall stay on their assigned restaurant for 3 nights during the celebration.

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 For this year, there will be 16 participating restaurants. Below is the list of participating restaurants and their corresponding chefs:

 Kopar – a first timer in the event, this restaurant has an exceptional interior and their famous “Kopar Adventure” meal is a must-try. The restaurant shall team up with Chef Ronny Kolvik who hails from Norway.

 Sushi samba – Japanese and South American cuisine is their specialty which uses very fresh ingredients and fishes, but there are definitely more to this restaurant than sushi, and the restaurant shall be collaborating with Chef Scott Hallsworth who hails from United Kingdom.

 Slippbarinn – known for its lovely Icelandic bar feel and an incredible assortment of wine and beer, the restaurant shall team up with Geoffrey Canilao of the USA/DK and Jonas Brandenborg Andersen from Denmark.

 Rub 23 – their array of Icelandic variety is excellent which uses ingredients from local fish, vegetable and fruit vendors and they give options for different rubs and spices on your barbeque, the restaurant collaborates with Chef Thomas Patrick Coohill from USA.

 Steikhúsið / The Steakhouse – known for their stunningly flavored steaks and meals cooked in perfection, the Streakhouse shall work with Chef John Mooney from USA.

 Vox – uses local produce and one of the largest selections of breakfast are served here and also has seasonal menu, the Vox shall collaborate withChef Sven Erik Renaa from Norway.

 Tjörnin / The Pond – excellent variety of seafood, the restaurant’s collaborating chef is Chris Parsons from USA.

 Kolabrautin – known for its customary, regionally sourced ingredients, prepared with a uniquely radical twist with influence from the Mediterranean, it collaborates with Chef Alessandro Gavagna from Italy.

 Höfnin / The Harbour – with a wonderful view overlooking the Reykjavik harbor, this long-established Icelandic restaurant has a homey feel and admirable menu, this shall work with Chef Alvaro Garrido from Spain.

 Grillmarkaðurinn / The Grillmarket – their blend of contemporary and customary Icelandic cuisine shall become more special with collaboration from Chef Jamie Bissonnette from USA.

 Grillið / The Grill – famous for their in-season menus inspired by modern European and Icelandic cuisine, the restaurant shall work with Chef Paul Cunningham from Denmark.

 Gallery Restaurant – Hótel Holt  – 2012 Best restaurant in Iceland, this French-inspired restaurant shall work with Chef Erik Mansikka from Finland.

 Fiskmarkaðurinn / Fishmarket – bringing an excellent selection of European and Asian cuisine, the restaurant for this year shall work hand-in-hand with Chef Jonah Kim from USA.

 Dill – using fine Nordic ingredients, the restaurant’s collaborative chef is Mats Refslund from Denmark/USA.

 and last but definitely not the least,

 Fiskfélagið / The Fish Company – their contemporary and traditional Icelandic cuisine shall be better with collaboration from Chef Thomas Laurentzen from Denmark.

 On the final day of the festivity, the weeks top 3 best chefs would be tested, where the chefs are expected to fashion 3 courses of meal using only Icelandic ingredients. The winner of such prestigious competition will be hailed as “Food and Fun Chef of the Year”.

Jan 18

Go on a Food Trip in Iceland: Top Icelandic Food that You Should Try

By Editor | Food

One of the things that make a country distinct from the rest is its food. By tasting authentic local delicacies, you get to learn more about the country itself, its people, and their practices and traditions. When you’re in Iceland, one of the things that you should not forget to do is to go on a food trip. Check out home-grown restaurants and taste as much as authentic Icelandic food as you can. Here’s a list of some of the Icelandic foods that you should try:

1. Hangikjöt (Smoked Lamb)

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The smoked lamb is one of the best Icelandic dishes. Compared to other smoked lamb, Iceland’s Hangikjöt has a distinct flavor. This has something to do with the way the lambs are being fed in the country. In Iceland, lambs are allowed to roam freely, feeding on grass, herbs, and other plants.

2. Skyr

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Another notable Icelandic food that you shouldn’t miss is the skyr. With its slightly sour taste and sweetness, it is likened to a yogurt. It is available in plain and flavored varieties such as blueberries, vanilla, and strawberries. Icelandic people love to have their skyr in smoothies, deserts, and even as a standalone food taken between meals.

3. Kjötsúpa (Icelandic Meat Soup)

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Kjötsúpa is a traditional Icelandic dish. It is made from slow cooked lamb meat mixed with herbs, vegetables, and onions. This is often served with rolled oats or rice barley.

4. Pylsa

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You have never been to Iceland if you haven’t tasted the famous Icelandic hotdog called pylsa. It is often served in a bun topped with the usual ketchup, fried/raw onions, and remoulade sauce. If you’re looking for the best pylsa in Iceland, then you better try the ones from Bæjarins bestu in Reykjavik.

5. Icelandic flatbrauð

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Considered as one of Iceland’s staple food, the Icelandic flatbrauð is the country’s flat bread. It has been around for ages and often enjoyed with butter on its top or with slices of smoked lamb. Flatbrauð is widely available in Iceland’s supermarkets.

These are just some of Iceland’s authentic dishes. Try them at least once and you’ll never regret it. They’re more than just satisfying your gastronomic cravings; every bite takes you to Iceland’s distinct culture.


Aug 23

Best Restaurants to Dine in Reykjavik

By Editor | Food

Iceland is one of the best places to satisfy your gastronomic cravings and to be adventurous with your taste buds. Icelandic food and the creativity of the local chefs are as good as their geysirs, swimming pools, and volcanoes. So, if you’re in Iceland don’t miss to try the local food and the best restaurants in the city of Reykjavik.

Here are the top 5 restaurants in Reykjavik that you should try. These restaurants are highly recommended for their ambiance and most especially, for the uniqueness and taste of their food:

  • DILL Restaurant

If you wanted a cozy atmosphere minus the crowd, then the DILL Restaurant in Reykjavik is the place to go. Because the restaurant is too small, it only allows 30 diners to eat here at  a time. Aside from the wonderful food creations of their chefs, Chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason and Sommelier Ólafur Örn Ólafsson, the restaurant is also a great place to dine because of the picturesque view from it.

  • Fish Company

Are you up for a gustatory adventure? If that is a yes, then the Fish Company in Reykjavik will suit you. This restaurant with a feel-good ambiance is the best place to dine for those who wanted to go beyond the typical Icelandic food. One of their best sellers that you shouldn’t miss is their “Around Iceland.”

  • Grill Market

Most restaurants are carefully designed to attract more consumers but not the Grill Market. There were minimal efforts done by the owners of this restaurant to come up with an elegant interiors. But more than the place, Grill Market takes pride on whipping out mouth-watering Icelandic dishes with a twist. What’s more, owners of the restaurant seek the best ingredients in Iceland from the locals themselves.

  • Tapas Bar

There are nights when you just wanted to have fun and a good food. Good thing, there is Tapas Bar in Reykjavik. The place is famous among those who are looking to have a great night, good food, and some Latin music on the background.

The Tapas Bar can be very crowded especially if there are fiestas. Check out this restaurant and don’t forget to try out some of their best dishes: fillet of lamb in liquorice-sauce, smoked puffin with blueberry-brennivín sauce, and Bacon wrapped scallops and dates on salad with sweet chilli sauce.

  • Við Tjörnina

For those who are craving for seafood, one of the best restaurants to check out is the Við Tjörnina. The restaurant has kept the way it looks for years. It still has the same warmth and traditional feel and its seafood dishes are still hard to resist. No doubt that they’re one of the best in Iceland.

Food has always been part of culture and history. They say, if you want to learn about the country’s culture, you got to have a taste of its food. You can learn more about Iceland and its culture by taking a bite of its food. Trying these restaurants is a good start.

Aug 09

Grillmarkaðurinn: A Must-Try in Iceland

By Editor | Food

Grillmarkaðurinn is born out  of brainstorming from friends  and co-workers. Hrefna and  long-time co-  workers Fiskmarkaðurinn,  Gulli and ÁgústFiskmarkaðurinn, Gulli and Ágúst conceived the idea. All of them stand as co-workers of the place.

The purpose of putting up Grillmarkaðurinn is to provide Icelanders and foreign tourists alike with a place of tasting authentic and traditional Icelandic food given with a twist. One of the best things in this restaurant is their partnership with local farmers and suppliers (this is what you call a win-win situation).

According to Hrefna, she would often drive around Iceland and look for high quality farm products and supplies. At the end, she would come up with a long list of quality farmers and suppliers. Their current local suppliers would inform them if something came up so the restaurant could offer something new to the people for just a limited period of time.

What Makes It Different

The team behind this Icelandic restaurant believes that if you have good food, people will come back and these customers themselves will serve as their marketing medium. Thus, they have this ‘no advertising’ policy. So if you have heard of Grillmarkaðurinn, then it’s most likely from people who have attested of the great food and service this restaurant has.

Other than their unique ‘no advertising’ policy, what sets Grillmarkaðurinn  different from other restaurants in Iceland (and probably in other parts of Europe) is its unplanned interiors. If you look at the interiors of the restaurant, it seems like a high-profile designer step up to come up with such complex design. But the truth is, the interiors was unplanned. In fact, nobody planned for it.

The concept of this restaurant came about even before they found the perfect location for it. It just so happened that opportunities for a wonderful location and place came about so they grabbed it. The team make use of typical Icelandic elements – running water, rocks, dried fish skin to give you an authentic Icelandic feel.

Why You Should Try It

Grillmarkaðurinn is one of the best places in Iceland if you want to taste the local food with a twist. What’s more, it’s a great place to hang out with friends after work or during the weekend especially with its relaxing ambiance that could hold up to 200 people.

Although located in Reykjavik, being in this restaurant will make you feel that you’ve been all over Iceland with their menu and supplies sourced from various farmers and suppliers all over the country.

Jul 25

The Peerless Skyr and its History

By Editor | Food

When you’re in Iceland, you always take home TWO most unforgettable memories when you get home: the picture-perfect natural beauty and the pleasant taste of the famous Skyr. This tempting milky yogurt is so addictive that even Hollywood stars can’t get their mind off it. But what EXACTLY is a skyr?Continue reading