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Mar 27

What to Do in Beer Day

By Editor | Bar and Liqour

If you’re a huge beer enthusiast, then you would most likely look forward to Iceland’s Beer Day. The festival is being celebrated annually in commemoration of the uplifting of the prohibition on the selling and consumption of beer. Just like other Iceland’s festivities, this one is being celebrated in a cheerful and wild mood.

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This year is the 25th year of celebrating this festival so if you happen to be in Iceland, then please do not miss this (especially if you’re a huge fan of beers!). Attending this festival would not only let you enjoy the best-tasting local beers but as well enjoy Reykjavik’s festive ambiance.

 Here are some things that you can do during Beer Day (aside from enjoying the golden malt):

1. Explore Reykjavik by foot

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One of the distinguishing marks of Iceland is its jaw-dropping natural wonders. Its main city, the Reykjavik, has a number of natural parks that you can explore by foot. So, why not explore them just before the festival starts?

 2. Get to know the history

Check a local museum for historical facts about the Beer Day or better yet, ask locals too on how and why the Beer Day is being celebrated. Who knows, you might just get a tip or two on where to find the best beers in the city.

 3. Go on a Brewery Tour

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The festival is all about beer so why miss this tour? One of the popular brewery tours is the Taste of Saga Brewery held at Ölgerðin Brewery. Signing up in this tour is like going to a beer school where you will be having an educational tour about beers and where you can ask questions as well.

 4. Enjoy different kinds of beers

Drink beers (lots of it) and enjoy their distinct taste. This is certainly among the best ways to enjoy the festival!

 5. Sober on health spas

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If there’s one distinct mark of Iceland, that would be the presence of its health spas/pools. Complete your Beer Day experience by dipping into one of these spas/pools after a day of merry-making.

Enjoy Beer Day like it’s your birthday but never ever drink and drive in Iceland because just like any place in the world, it is very dangerous and is a serious offense.

 Just have fun, and that is all you ever need.