Why Iceland is Perfect for Solo Travelers

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Sep 17

Just like anything else in life, you wouldn’t know if solo travel is for you unless you give it a try. If your thinking of heading to Europe for your first solo trip, then you won’t go wrong with Iceland. Here are the top reasons why this country deserves a spot on a solo traveler’s list:

It’s generally safe and easy to travel.

 Safety is one of the prime considerations of people especially those who are on their first solo trip. Iceland fits the bill when it comes to safety. It has very low crime rate and it’s easy to ask for directions as people are proficient in English. You can also see English signs almost everywhere so it’s less likely that you’ll end up feeling lost and confused.

There are several day tours to choose from.


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Iceland is famous for its breath-taking natural wonders. You won’t run of activities and sites to see in this country as there are several day tours to choose from. You can go river rafting, visit popular destinations such as the Golden Circle, go hiking, or enjoy a dip in Iceland’s geothermal pools.

 Food is great.

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From local to international cuisines, your taste buds will definitely enjoy the flavors of Icelandic cooking. You would feel less lonely dining out as impressive food presentation and restaurant’s ambiance will catch your attention.

Iceland may be considered as an expensive country but those who have been here can attest that the money spent on Iceland vacation is worth it.



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