Holuhraun Volcano Erupts, Spewing Toxic Gases and Molten Rocks

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Sep 12
Holuhraun Eruption

The most dangerous place to be in Iceland right now is none other than the area surrounding the Holuhraun volcano. It has been spewing out large amounts of molten rocks and toxic gases since its eruption that began last month. Large quantities of lava has been flowing in different directions that the public are restricted from coming near the erupting volcano. In fact, those who do not comply to this order are being arrested. The only people allowed to go near the site are scientists and journalists.

Largest Lava Eruption Since the 19th Century

The eruption of the Holuhraun volcano is considered to be the largest lava eruption in Iceland since the 19th century. Earthquakes have been reported before this huge volcanic eruption. The volume of lava erupted from the volcano is so huge that the Icelandic Met Office has issued a red warning to the public. This level is considered to be the highest in the scale for volcanic eruption.

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The toxic gases emitted by the volcano has become a growing problem especially those who are living in towns just kilometers away from the site. The volcano has been sending out different gases including sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. Because these gases go with the direction of the wind, the people in Northern parts of East fjords are warned.

Health Warning and Flight Banned

Because of the threat brought about by these gases, flights were banned over the affected area. People who are working around the site were forced to protect themselves by wearing gas masks and personal gas meters. Those who are living in Finland are now experiencing some level of discomfort because of these emitted gases.



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