East Glacier River Rafting Tour Packages

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May 02
water rafting in Iceland

Get your heart pumping and experience a different kind of thrill in the river by trying out the East Glacier River rafting in Iceland. As mentioned in the previous post , the East Glacier River is one of the must-try activities if you’re in the country. In fact, it’s dubbed as one of the best rivers to do water rafting in Europe. While you don’t have to have prior experience to do it, you need to know that this isn’t for the faint of heart and definitely not for people who don’t want to have fun while getting wet (and working hard) at the same time.

If you’re ready to do it, here are some of the packages offered by different travel and tour agencies in Iceland. Pick one that suits your needs and definition of ‘fun’:

Extreme Iceland
The East Glacier River rafting tour offered by Extreme Iceland is good for 5-6 hours. It’s available daily starting from June 01 to September 30. Its package comes with lunch, equipment, and a relaxing Jacuzzi after the exciting river rafting activity.

Arctic Adventures
Another company that offers the East Glacier River rafting adventure is the Arctic Adventures. This grade 4+ whitewater river rafting activity is available starting May 1 until September 15. The company requires a minimum of 2 persons for this activity. If you’re in a huge group, there will be one guide assigned for every 6 persons. This is a 3-hour rafting (6-7  or 9-10 hours if transfer is included). River rafting tour package from Arctic Adventures includes rafting equipment, experienced guide, transportation to and from the jump-off point and riverside refreshments.

Viking Rafting
Viking Rafting is another travel and tour company that offers a river rafting activity in the East Glacier River. Their river rafting package comes with the rafting equipment (dry suit, PFD, helmet, booties, and gloves), qualified raft guides, transportation to and from the rafting base, and riverside refreshments (food and hot drinks).

These companies may have different inclusions for the river rafting tour but they generally require tourists to wear appropriate clothing for the activity. This includes thermal underwear, warm fleece top and pants, and thick socks. Cotton clothing is highly discouraged. Participants are also required to bring with them clothes to wear after the activity, medicines (if any), and most importantly their thirst for adventure.



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