Action-Packed East Glacier River Rafting

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Apr 30

One of the things that you shouldn’t miss when in Iceland is trying the river rafting at the famous East Glacier River (Jökulsá-Austari). This activity, though considered as one of the popular activities in Iceland, is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t like getting wet, getting an adrenaline rush, or having fun in the water, then clearly this is not for you. The East Glacier River rafting is for those who seek more than the typical sight-seeing and for those who crave for the thrill and adventure of the country.

East Glacier River rafting

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The East Glacier River is dubbed as one of the best rafting rivers in Europe. The river rafting activity is considered to be one of the must-try activities for those who want to check out Iceland. Not unless does this activity give you your needed dose of adrenaline, this also leaves you breathless as it unveils the unspoiled beauty of the country.

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Many travel agencies in Iceland offer variety for this activity. The most common options for East Glacier River rafting include the white water action (a day tour for river rafting alone), family rafting (river rafting through gentle rapids plus trip to the natural hot spring), the 3-day rafting expedition (a 3-day action-packed water rafting activity), and the guided kayaking activity (challenging kayaking activity with a guide).

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You don’t have to have prior experience with river rafting. As long as you know how to swim, work hard (you have to paddle hard and harder as you get into challenging rapids), and have fun, you’ll be good.

Make your Iceland trip more memorable. Try this river rafting activity and you can say that your Iceland trip will never be the same again.



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