Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur: “Icelandic National Food”

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Aug 21

You’ve never been to Iceland if you haven’t tasted their pylsur. It’s the Icelandic version of what is popularly known as hotdogs. Those who have tasted Iceland’s pylsur could attest that it’s not just a typical hotdog. It looks like one but it tasted better.

Icelanders love their pylsur. In fact, you can find several pylsur food stands in the country especially in Reykjavik. However, of these food stands, there is one particular name that both locals and foreign tourists are raving about. This is none other Bæjarins beztu pylsur or commonly called as Bæjarins beztu.

More about Bæjarins beztu

This popular hotdog stand in Iceland has been operating in Reykjavik since 1939. Its popular location in Tryggvagata is not their only hotdog stand in Reykjavik. Other stands of Bæjarins beztu could be found around the city.

This is not your typical hotdog stand.

This is not your typical hotdog stand.

At a glance, this popular pylsur name in Iceland looks like the typical hotdog. But those who have tasted it could attest that it’s different from the usual hotdog of your home country (if you’re a tourist) and even different from the typical taste of pylsur in Iceland.

It was said that majority of the Icelanders have gone into this hotdog stand, even withstanding long queues. Locals often bring tourists into this stand whenever they talk about Iceland’s pyslur.

Bæjarins beztu’s Popularity

This hotdog stand became more popular when well-known figures went here to taste the famous Icelandic’s pyslur. These include the former president of the United States Bill Clinton and the vocalist of the heavy metal band Metallica James Hetfield.

Locals and tourists flock into this hotdog stand.

Locals and tourists flock into this hotdog stand.

In August 2006, Bæjarins beztu has been named by the British newspaper The Guardian as the Best Hotdog Stand in Europe.

Grab a Bite

The next time you’re in Iceland especially in Reykjavik, never fail to drop by one of the hotdog stands of Bæjarins beztu. You will realize that it’s definitely more than just a hotdog. Its tasty meat plus the playful combination of condiments like ketchup, sweet mustard, fried/raw onion, and remoulade (sweet mayonnaise-based sauce) is not just one of Icelanders’ favorites; it’s a special part of their culture.

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