Grillmarkaðurinn: A Must-Try in Iceland

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Aug 09

Grillmarkaðurinn is born out  of brainstorming from friends  and co-workers. Hrefna and  long-time co-  workers Fiskmarkaðurinn,  Gulli and ÁgústFiskmarkaðurinn, Gulli and Ágúst conceived the idea. All of them stand as co-workers of the place.

The purpose of putting up Grillmarkaðurinn is to provide Icelanders and foreign tourists alike with a place of tasting authentic and traditional Icelandic food given with a twist. One of the best things in this restaurant is their partnership with local farmers and suppliers (this is what you call a win-win situation).

According to Hrefna, she would often drive around Iceland and look for high quality farm products and supplies. At the end, she would come up with a long list of quality farmers and suppliers. Their current local suppliers would inform them if something came up so the restaurant could offer something new to the people for just a limited period of time.

What Makes It Different

The team behind this Icelandic restaurant believes that if you have good food, people will come back and these customers themselves will serve as their marketing medium. Thus, they have this ‘no advertising’ policy. So if you have heard of Grillmarkaðurinn, then it’s most likely from people who have attested of the great food and service this restaurant has.

Other than their unique ‘no advertising’ policy, what sets Grillmarkaðurinn  different from other restaurants in Iceland (and probably in other parts of Europe) is its unplanned interiors. If you look at the interiors of the restaurant, it seems like a high-profile designer step up to come up with such complex design. But the truth is, the interiors was unplanned. In fact, nobody planned for it.

The concept of this restaurant came about even before they found the perfect location for it. It just so happened that opportunities for a wonderful location and place came about so they grabbed it. The team make use of typical Icelandic elements – running water, rocks, dried fish skin to give you an authentic Icelandic feel.

Why You Should Try It

Grillmarkaðurinn is one of the best places in Iceland if you want to taste the local food with a twist. What’s more, it’s a great place to hang out with friends after work or during the weekend especially with its relaxing ambiance that could hold up to 200 people.

Although located in Reykjavik, being in this restaurant will make you feel that you’ve been all over Iceland with their menu and supplies sourced from various farmers and suppliers all over the country.



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