Festival of the Sea: What to Expect

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Apr 27

For many Icelanders, the sea plays an important role in their history and economy. This gratefulness is expressed in Iceland’s annual Festival of the Sea. Also known as Sjómannadagur or Seaman’s Day, the festival is a weekend celebration of seafaring culture. It is a weekend of merry making celebrated every first Sunday of June.

festival of the sea in Iceland

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During the festival, every ship in Iceland stays in the harbour and the sailors take a day off for a weekend of fun activities with family, friends, and other sailors. Attendees of the festival will definitely enjoy it especially with the following activities:

  • Funny Fish on display
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Ferry Trips (heading to Videy Island)
  • The Maritime Museum
  • Delicious Herring
  • Bottled-message factory
  • Speed rowing
  • Fun activities for kids
  • Ocean rescue demonstration
  • Music and more

Have fun!



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