Things You Need to Know About EVE Online Fest 2014

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Apr 21

If you haven’t came across EVE Online Fest then you’re most likely not into the online gaming world. EVE Online is a popular game created by Iceland’s biggest game company, Iceland CCP. Every year, players all over the world gather in Iceland to celebrate the success of the game. For this year, the organizers are set to take the festival into a whole new level.

Iceland’s EVE Online Fest 2014

Compared to the previous celebration, this year’s EVE Online Fest no longer has the 18 years old age limit. Anyone could get into the general entry despite being under 18 years of age but they are restricted to enter the Party on Saturday and not allowed to participate in Pub Crawls. For this year, the event shall take place at Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center located at Reykjavik, Iceland.

EVE Online Festival 2014 Venue

EVE Online Festival 2014 Venue
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The best thing about EVE Online Fest is that this is a kind of festival where players set aside their differences and even forget about their allies or rivals to sit side by side to simply enjoy the festive moment. It is a celebration where drinks are shared and new friendships are formed. CCP developers take this this chance to talk to the players and just get to know them.

EVE Online Festival Attendees

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What to Expect in EVE Online Fest

The festival is more than just a merry-making event. Attendees are given the chance to join the discussion panels and even with the presentations with the EVE developers. There are also competitive tournaments to unleash the talents of the players. Other activities prepared by the organizers include the Poker tournament, shopping from the EVE store (it’s a commemorative shop), table discussions, unforgettable party, and many more.

party in the festival

Get ready to party!
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Players can bring along their wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, and even friends through the Sisters of EVE program. They will be taken in a guided tour and will also be given the chance to participate in the party (Party at the Top of the World).

Tickets are available starting at 175 USD.



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