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Mar 14

Iceland is a beautiful country with scenic landscapes, marvelous natural gifts such as glaciers, waterfalls, Geysers, and so and so fort, the list is unending. Another popular tourist and local must-experience is the Food and Fun Festival. It is a unique Icelandic festival of food, set in the popular and beautiful Reykjavik. In this food fest, anyone can experience Iceland’s distinctive taste and food customs.

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 This year, the 13th Food & Fun Festival will be celebrated not only by world famous chefs but also food lovers from around the globe. The festival begins on the 26th of February and will last on 2nd of March 2014.

 In this week-long festival of food, everyone is welcome to observe and taste the food prepared by renowned chefs who team up with different Reykjavik’s best restaurants. Each of the entrant chef is assigned to a participating restaurant. They will cook their unique carte du jour or menu using the available Icelandic ingredients. The chef shall stay on their assigned restaurant for 3 nights during the celebration.

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 For this year, there will be 16 participating restaurants. Below is the list of participating restaurants and their corresponding chefs:

 Kopar – a first timer in the event, this restaurant has an exceptional interior and their famous “Kopar Adventure” meal is a must-try. The restaurant shall team up with Chef Ronny Kolvik who hails from Norway.

 Sushi samba – Japanese and South American cuisine is their specialty which uses very fresh ingredients and fishes, but there are definitely more to this restaurant than sushi, and the restaurant shall be collaborating with Chef Scott Hallsworth who hails from United Kingdom.

 Slippbarinn – known for its lovely Icelandic bar feel and an incredible assortment of wine and beer, the restaurant shall team up with Geoffrey Canilao of the USA/DK and Jonas Brandenborg Andersen from Denmark.

 Rub 23 – their array of Icelandic variety is excellent which uses ingredients from local fish, vegetable and fruit vendors and they give options for different rubs and spices on your barbeque, the restaurant collaborates with Chef Thomas Patrick Coohill from USA.

 Steikhúsið / The Steakhouse – known for their stunningly flavored steaks and meals cooked in perfection, the Streakhouse shall work with Chef John Mooney from USA.

 Vox – uses local produce and one of the largest selections of breakfast are served here and also has seasonal menu, the Vox shall collaborate withChef Sven Erik Renaa from Norway.

 Tjörnin / The Pond – excellent variety of seafood, the restaurant’s collaborating chef is Chris Parsons from USA.

 Kolabrautin – known for its customary, regionally sourced ingredients, prepared with a uniquely radical twist with influence from the Mediterranean, it collaborates with Chef Alessandro Gavagna from Italy.

 Höfnin / The Harbour – with a wonderful view overlooking the Reykjavik harbor, this long-established Icelandic restaurant has a homey feel and admirable menu, this shall work with Chef Alvaro Garrido from Spain.

 Grillmarkaðurinn / The Grillmarket – their blend of contemporary and customary Icelandic cuisine shall become more special with collaboration from Chef Jamie Bissonnette from USA.

 Grillið / The Grill – famous for their in-season menus inspired by modern European and Icelandic cuisine, the restaurant shall work with Chef Paul Cunningham from Denmark.

 Gallery Restaurant – Hótel Holt  – 2012 Best restaurant in Iceland, this French-inspired restaurant shall work with Chef Erik Mansikka from Finland.

 Fiskmarkaðurinn / Fishmarket – bringing an excellent selection of European and Asian cuisine, the restaurant for this year shall work hand-in-hand with Chef Jonah Kim from USA.

 Dill – using fine Nordic ingredients, the restaurant’s collaborative chef is Mats Refslund from Denmark/USA.

 and last but definitely not the least,

 Fiskfélagið / The Fish Company – their contemporary and traditional Icelandic cuisine shall be better with collaboration from Chef Thomas Laurentzen from Denmark.

 On the final day of the festivity, the weeks top 3 best chefs would be tested, where the chefs are expected to fashion 3 courses of meal using only Icelandic ingredients. The winner of such prestigious competition will be hailed as “Food and Fun Chef of the Year”.



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