Design March: Appreciating Icelandic Art

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Mar 08

Whether you are a renowned artist or simply an art enthusiast, you will definitely love the ambience and activities during the Design March celebration of Iceland. It’s one of the country’s most significant events that will be celebrated for the fifth time this year. A one-of-a-kind celebration, the festival provides a unique opportunity for gathering both local and internationally-acclaimed artists in different fields of creative pursuit – from architecture down to food design.

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Organized by Iceland Design Centre, it brings exciting activities both for guests and locals. Some of the activities included in Design March are Design Talk and Design Match. The Design Talk takes place on the first day of the festival, with both local and international artists come together to talk about issues affecting different creative industries. Participants of Design Talk often include architects, designers, and even leaders from different creative groups.

Design Talk

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For this year, the speakers of Design Talk shall include Calvin Klein (designer and founder of Calvin Klein Inc), Mikael Schiller (executive chairman of the Acne Studios), Robert Wong (chief creative officer of Google Creative Lab), Kathryn Firth (chief designer of London Legacy Corporation), and Marco Steinberg (managing director of Snowcone and Haystack). Some of the topics that will be discussed during the talk include design collaborations, strategies for rebuilding cities, and coming up with new technologies and their applications.

Design Match

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Other than the Design Talk, the festival also features another activity, the Design Match. Taking place in the Nordic House, Design Match gathers designers, retailers, and art directors. It works similar to a speed dating game, only that it ends up into art deals. In this part of the event, every designer shall be asked to bring three (3) items and designs. Together with them shall be PDF outlining the information about the designer and the designs themselves. From these materials, representatives from various companies shall choose who they are going to meet at the Nordic House.

How to Join

The event is more than just a gathering of artists, it’s a way of celebrating art and its beauty. Guests won’t find themselves bored as various exhibits shall be held during the festival. Most of the activities in Design March are free except for the Design Talk and Fashion Festival. If you want a hassle-free celebration of the event, you can take advantage of an exclusive program provided by Pink Iceland. This package often includes admission tickets and survival kit for the entire duration of the festival.

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