Safety Tips When Mountain Biking in Iceland

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Feb 26

If you’ve always been in love with nature and outdoor activities, then you could most likely enjoy mountain biking in Iceland. The country is famous for its geysers, picturesque natural wonders, and cool weather. This becomes one of the top countries to visit both for adventure-seekers and nature lovers.

Before you get too excited to hit the road with a bike and enjoy the beautiful sceneries around, there are some safety tips that you must be aware of. You see, mountain biking is both a great form of exercise and adventure to try but if you’re not careful enough, this can lead to a fatal accident. Keep yourself safe as you bike around Iceland with these tips:

1. Know your bike

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This may not be your firs time to do mountain biking but it’s necessary to do some test drive first before you hit the rough road. Your mountain bike back home can be totally different with what you’ll be using in the country. So, before you start the adventure, test drive your bike even just for a few minutes.

2. Adjust your seat and handle bars appropriately

Mountain biking can be straining at both your back and knees. Sustain your energy level by making sure that your elbows, back, and knees are properly positioned. Adjust your seat and handle bars in a way that your back leans at 45 degrees and your knees to only exert minimal bending when you’re hitting the pedal at its lowest point.

3. Don’t forget the safety gears

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You may consider yourself a pro-mountain biker but you should NEVER neglect wearing your safety gears such as your helmet. Remember, mountain biking is a great activity but can also be risky. Keep yourself safe especially your head by wearing your helmet all-throughout the activity.

4. Be conscious of your body

It’s typical for newbie mountain bikers to grip the handle bars too tightly, often leading to a tensed body. Keep yourself free from injury by allowing your elbows and knees to be soft enough to absorb the shock. Oftentimes, accident happens whenever your body’s too tensed when dealing with rough roads.

5. Shift your view


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If you’re just been into mountain biking, you’re most likely to focus on objects or areas that you’d most likely to hit. Focusing on these areas often increases your chances of falling or even hitting these objects. Stop this from happening by shifting your view to where you should be heading, not on the objects you’ll be hitting.

These are just some of the safety tips to bear in mind when mountain biking in Iceland. May these tips help you have a good time biking around the countryside.

 Keep yourself safe!



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