Scuba Diving in Stryta

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Feb 20

Boredom is almost inexistent in Iceland. Whether you’re after land, air, or water adventure, you can always find something that can satisfy your thirst for adrenaline rush. Those who are fond of scuba diving would find satisfaction in Strýtan.

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Strýtan is considered to be a huge smectite cone that rise above the sea floor found at Eyjafjörður. Smectite cones are believed to be developed 10,000 years ago, during the Ice Age. These cones are made from the magnesium-silicate from the sea. They used to be unknown not until Erlendur Bogason and his friend Árni Halldósson discovered them in 1977.

The Strýtan in Iceland is not only a famous scuba diving spot in the country but is also the only geothermal cone in the world where diving is possible. Some geothermal cones are 3,000 m deeper or more. According to the professor, the water released by the cone is about 1,100 years old (it releases 100 liters of fresh water per second at 72 ˚C).

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Unlike other activities in Iceland, this water activity is not limited to summer or winter; it is available/can be done all-year round. Unfortunately, this activity may not for you if you haven’t experienced scuba diving before. In order to try this, you need to be an advanced diver, experienced dry-suit diver or a boat diver.

Diving in Strýtan could last 4-6 hours. Package tours available for this water activity are available. Most of these package tours can be either 3 days or 5 days, often involving more than just one diving spot. These packages include transport from Akureyri to the dive center located at Hjalteyri. Each tourist shall be provided with one guide.


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Scuba diving is a great adventure to try. It can open your eyes to the beauty of sea life. The experience in diving Strýtan is priceless considering its reputation as the only geothermal cone where scuba diving is possible. So, if you have tried diving before, why won’t you do it again in Iceland? Once you try it here, you will keep on coming back (that’s for sure).




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