Top 3 Adventures in Iceland Worth Checking Out

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Feb 03

Iceland has now become one of the top destinations in Europe. This is no longer surprising considering the country’s picturesque natural wonders, the well-preserved culture, its traditions and festivities, and the people. The country may have isolated itself for years but it didn’t fail to impress anyone who visits it.

There’s always something for anyone in Iceland. If you’re a food lover, they have authentic Icelandic dishes that you could try. If you’re a huge fan of nature, then there are countless things that you can see and take pictures of. And if you thirst for adventure, the country will not fail you. Here are the top adventures in Iceland that you should check out:

Glacier Hiking and Ice Climbing

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If you happen to be in Iceland during winter then one of the things that you can do is to try glacier hiking and ice climbing. You will be taken to Sólheimajökull, an impressive natural phenomenon in Iceland that will let you explore and witness amazing ice formations, ridges, and even sink holes. What’s more, you’ll get your heart pumping with their ice climbing activity. As long as you’re physically fit, you’re good to go. Most of the tour operators conducting this kind of tour are the ones who provide the safety equipment needed for ice climbing.


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There are countless caves and mountains in Iceland worth checking out. If you’ve always been impressed with natural rock formations and underground beauty, then caving (also popularly known as spelunking) might work for you; it’s one of Iceland’s top adventures. You can choose to go caving inside Búri cave, one of the largest caves in Iceland or try the activity with other caves and combine them with another adventure. You can have caving and snorkeling in one day or caving and an hour of ATV ride. Indeed, there are countless ways to enjoy Iceland’s wonders.

 Volcano Climbing

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Iceland is studded with a number of volcanoes. Many of those who have the guts and stamina could get into volcano climbing. While this activity isn’t exactly for everyone but those who dare to do it are rewarded with amazing view from the top and even along the way. If it’s your first time do it or if it’s your first time to be in Iceland, it would be best to contact a tour operator to guide you.

The best way to explore a country is to experience it. Try at least one of these adventures and you’ll find out why many people are keep on coming back in Iceland.



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