How to Enjoy the Holidays in Iceland

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Nov 05

Iceland is one of the best countries to spend your holidays. While Christmas and New Year celebration is similar to the celebration that most countries have, there’s something about this country that will definitely make this year’s celebration of the holidays a unique one. Here are some suggestions on how you can make the most of the holidays in Iceland:

Witness the Northern Lights

Northern Lights Iceland

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The Aurora Borealis, popularly known as the Northern Lights, are among the best wonders of nature. Their surreal combination of colors on the night sky is definitely worth the time and effort of your travel. Iceland has the ideal climate to witness the Northern Lights. In fact, the country is listed among one of the best countries to witness these natural wonders.

There are package tours available for those who wanted to witness these auroras. Some of these package tours include a dinner cruise, relaxing trip to the geothermal Blue Lagoon, and off-year festivities in Reykjavik.

Reykjavik City Break

City Break Reykjavik

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You haven’t been to Iceland if you don’t know where Reykjavik is. It’s one of the key cities of the country, popular for its festivities and is considered to be a center of trade. If you wanted to enjoy both the Icelandic culture without going too far from the country’s capital, then Reykjavik is the place to go. Some of the places to check out in the Reykjavik include the lake and bird sanctuary, the cathedral, and the Parliament. You may also want to sip a cup of coffee, the country’s national drink, in one of the country’s coffee shops (there are too many to choose from).

Killer Whale Watching

Whale Watching Iceland

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Iceland is famous for its nature trips. If you’re keen on being one, you better include the killer whale watching as part of your Iceland activity. Some tour operators are offering a package tour which includes this famous activity at Grundarfjordur Harbour, one of the popular sites for watching the killer whales. What’s more, this package includes a trip to witness the Northern Lights and a Christmas dinner buffet.

These are just some of the ways on how you can spice up your holidays while in Iceland. With these different activities, who says you can’t do something new while on holiday vacation? With Iceland’s beauty and well-preserved culture, it’s very much possible.



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