Finding a Northern Lights Tour in Iceland

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Sep 11

Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, sound weird in the past years but not anymore these days. As more people have become pretty aware of this long-existing phenomenon and as more countries are offering tours for witnessing the Auroras, the name doesn’t sound odd anymore. Witnessing the Auroras has become one of the most popular activities of European countries such as Iceland.

Northern Lights

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It can be tempting to go DIY (do it yourself) for this activity but for first timers and for those who don’t have the luxury of time, getting a Northern Lights tour sounds as a better option. In Iceland, many travel and tour operators are offering varieties of this tour. While some only offer a single activity (Northern Lights watching only), there are those that have become creative with their offer by adding more destinations and activities.

The growing demand for these tour packages could overwhelm anyone especially those who are visiting the Iceland for the first time. If you find yourself in this situation, here are some tips to help you find a Northern Lights tour:

  • Assess your needs

One of the initial steps that you have to take is to determine your needs. List down what you want and what you don’t want. From that, look into various websites, search engines, and travel forums on possible tour packages that suit your needs.

  • Determine your budget

Money is an important consideration when you travel. This is why it’s also important to determine your budget. From the list that you came up on step 1, crush out those packages that don’t fit your budget or allotted amount.

  • Compare

Because of the growing competition, it’s normal to find tour packages that offer similar activities or features. This is where comparison plays an important role. No two packages are exactly alike so learn to read the company’s policies. Tour package features may appear to be the same but may differ on payment terms.

  • Consider the pros and cons

Each tour package has its pros and cons. If you are down to choosing between two tour packages, learn to eliminate the one that offers more disadvantage (e.g. fixed schedule, limited time to enjoy the activity) than advantage. Once you’ve done this, look into your final option and ask yourself if you’re already satisfied with it.



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