How to Make the Most of Menningarnótt

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Sep 04

Are you looking for a day of culture celebration, fun, and music?

If you’re in Iceland especially in the month of August, you don’t have to look too far as you’re bound for an event-filled day. August is the month of celebrating Menningarnótt, an annual celebration of Icelandic culture.

A local who hasn’t heard of it is most likely to be living deep down into the woods or in a cave. It’s because it’s a popular festival in Iceland that both locals and tourists are looking forward to. It’s an annual cultural night celebrated in Reykjavik, the capital city of the country.

Celebrated on the first Saturday after the 18th day of August, Menningarnótt is a must-attend event in Reykjavik. It has been created by the Reykjavik City Council in 1996 as a way of showing Icelandic pride. It’s a celebration of Iceland’s culture – the food, music, traditions, and even of its history.

Things To Do

With so many things to do during this event, you might be having a hard time in managing your time. But here’s a quick guide on making the most of Menningarnótt:

  • Join the annual marathon

What could be any other way to start this event than to join the entire community in opening the event with a marathon? Not only will you be sweating off for health, this marathon is also a way of peeping through the city’s surprises for the event. Booths for various Icelandic products and stages for homegrown bands are already set up at this point, adding to that spirit of festivity.

  • Enjoy the music

Menningarnótt is nothing without music. Icelanders are well-known for their deep love and appreciation for music. Aside from the main music event at night, it’s a common site for various local bands to showcase their talent on the streets through the small stages set up for them.

  • Taste the food

Food samples are almost everywhere in the city. This cultural celebration is perhaps one of the best ways to sample on the local delicacies. So, go ahead and take a bite!

  • Learn to craft the Icelandic way

Booths on arts and crafts are also set up along the streets.  If you got more time to spare, don’t just settle in buying the product, get to learn from the locals how they made them. It’s one of the best ways of learning more about the country’s culture.

  • Be one with Iceland

This celebration marks Icelanders’ culture pride. It is not just all about music, fun, and food sampling; it’s more on being one with the country in celebrating their roots, struggles, and progress.

Joining this annual event will definitely make you want to live in Iceland. It sure looks like another country but it definitely is not. You see, there’s more to Iceland than its geysirs and thermal pools 😉



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