Experience the Viking Festival in Hafnarfjordur

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Aug 20

Viking has become an important part of Iceland’s history and culture. It pertains to the seafaring of the Germanic people of the north who went into various areas of Europe to raid, trade, and eventually, settle in them. The annual Viking Festival aims to relive that part of the Icelandic history.

More About the Viking Festival

Ask any Viking enthusiast and he/she would not fail in telling you about Hafnarfjörður. This festival is an annual celebration of not just the locals but Viking enthusiasts all over the world. It’s a celebration well-loved by those with the New Age mindset.

This oldest and most important event for the Viking enthusiasts is a major event being looked forward to by the people of Iceland. It was started in 1995 and is being organized by the Viking village owner Johannes Viðar Bjarnason.


This annual festival in the municipality of Hafnarfjordur is celebrated in June (every June 14-17). It is a summer solstice celebration, making it as among Iceland’s longest festivals. No matter what the weather is of Iceland, the Icelanders especially the locals of Hafnarfjordur definitely celebrate this event.

What to the Do

If it’s your first time to attend the Viking Festival, then don’t fret as you’re not alone. In the festival, you will meet a lot of people who are not really into the Viking world but are just curious of what the celebration is all about. First-time goers often find themselves swearing to be back there the following year and the succeeding years.

The Viking Festival is a 6-day affair. These 6 days are filled with dancing, food, music, and activities with the Viking vibe. With so many things you can do here, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do first. There are the traditional fight shows (sword fights), archery, dancing, music, midnight walks, and food done in Viking style.

Prepare yourself on what to see, hear, and taste as this Viking Festival of Iceland will definitely bring you back in the past. Those who have gone into this celebration were amazed by how the locals organized it in a way that make them feel that the Viking vibe is very much alive, much more on bringing them back into that part of their history.

How to Get There

By Bus 

If you are taking the public transportation, take the Bus S1 as it goes back and forth the municipality of Hafnarfjordur and Reykjavik (there’s a 20-minute interval). The Viking village can be found near the bus station of Hafnarfjordur.

By Private Vehicle

If you are bringing along your vehicle with you, just go 6 miles southwest on road 42.



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